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Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Join us at NamKhan Ecolodge and experience the beauty of nature in Laos! Spend a weekend relaxing your mind, body, and soul with our yoga & wellness retreat that include breath-work, arm balance and inversion workshops. Immerse yourself in the local culture with an alms giving ceremony and learn traditional crafts with our bamboo weaving workshop. Our Yoga & Wellness retreat includes 2 nights of accommodation in a natural setting where you can enjoy delicious authentic meals, including a BBQ dinner by the stunning Nam Khan river. Book your spot now for a perfect getaway connecting with nature!

Date: February 10th – 12th, 2023 

Location: NamKhan Ecolodge, Luang Prabang, Laos

Practitioner Profile: Stephanie Kenneweg 

Stephanie Kenneweg is a certified multi-style yoga instructor who specializes in leading vinyasa sequences at yoga and wellness events. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and in her late 20s developed a passion for yoga. This passion has flourished over the years as she continues to openly share with others the joy and benefits of a consistent yoga practice. By guiding others in connecting with and nurturing their inner being, she is able to also support their need for physical wellness. She believes yoga is a vital ingredient of living a fulfilled, peaceful, and balanced life. She thoroughly enjoys sharing and exchanging warm energy and experiences with everyone she meets.

Practitioner Profile: Mia Decker

Mia Decker is a certified Breathwork facilitator and Dynamic Meditation coach who guides groups or individuals in well-being, resilience building, and mindfulness development. In her work, she combines elements of mindfulness practice, classical and dynamic meditation, and movement and dance. After working in key management positions for global players in high-pressure environments, she began to explore stress management and mindfulness techniques to cope with the demands of the business world. Through various coaching approaches, she realized that she was not focusing enough on the physical body and using her mind too much. Breathwork practice helped her find physical and emotional balance, manage stress, and increase her resilience. This personal experience inspired her to share these tools with others.

Retreat Price Starting at: $266 Package Inclusion:
  • 2 nights of accommodation
  • de Scheduled yoga and breath-work classes
  • Arm balance & inversion workshop
  • Bamboo weaving workshop
  • Alms Giving Ceremony (Tak Bat)
  • 7 meals, including a BBQ dinner by the NamKhan River
Contact us at to reserve your spot!