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Our Philosophy

Our vision was to create a sustainable resort, remaining respectful to the environment by using renewable raw materials, these are recyclable materials which help in reducing greenhouse gas emission and pollution. We felt lucky to be in Laos and able to use teak wood and one of the fastest growing renewable biomass materials, bamboo.

In our efforts to protect the environment and remove ‘single use’ plastics, guests are provided with a refillable hot/cold water bottle and a bamboo toothbrush. All bathroom amenities are completely natural and environmentally friendly, a commitment which extends throughout the resort to our housekeeping and laundry.

We are doing our best to be the change we all long to see by reducing what need, reusing what we can, and composting wherever possible, working towards a zero waste future.


All of our accommodation, built by our team of builders has been designed and furnished by our carpentry team where we have favoured the use of local teak wood, bamboo and recyclable grass for roofing. Some of our favourite art is displayed inside alongside handicrafts from Luang Prabang. All bamboo items are the product of Mae Souk, our resident bamboo weaver.

Environmental Preservation

Being mindful of the large amount of water consumption in farming and hotel resorts, we wanted to do as much as possible to ensure minimal environmental impact. As an organic farm our soil is more efficient at retaining moisture and as we use zero pesticides, we can be sure we are not releasing harmful contaminants into earth. We source our water from the Nam Khan River to irrigate our crops and installed septic tanks with a coal and sand layering system to clean our waste water before discharging back to the river. An underground water system was sourced for all other use.

Community & Education

We understand sustainability extends further than products and materials and are committed to help our local community offering school educational days and workshops. We employ more than 40 people from surrounding villages and cover healthcare costs for all employees. Many employees live onsite within staff quarters and all have the opportunity to further develop skills in their area of interest. We provide English classes and management opportunities.

As much as we teach the people about the best of our world, we are also keen to learn from them and their traditions, which is why we welcome farmers from other provinces to exchange skills and practices so we all keep growing together.