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When do you arrive?

Pony Camp Holidays

Pony camps of 3 and 4 nights run throughout the year, mainly during school holidays.

Whilst the children enjoy the camp, the rest of the family can experience everything else Namkhan Ecolodge has to offer.

Children will learn more about how to care for a horse and get involved in fun activities such as horse biscuit making, painting, yoga, tubing and of course the fun free time in the swimming pool.

Each pony camp is thoughtfully planned taking into consideration the season and age of the participants, making it enjoyable for all.

Whilst the pony camp programmes will vary, below is a day taken from one fo our recent camps:

  • 7:30am Animals and horse feeding time
  • 8:30am Breakfast time
  • 10:30am Horse riding/lessons
  • 1pm Lunch time
  • 2pm Horse biscuit cooking class
  • 3:30pm Activity based on horses and their care
  • 5pm Shower time
  • 6:30pm Outdoor cinema and evening meal
  • 8:30pm Bedtime