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When do you arrive?

Organic Farm Tour & Workshops

Feel the love and energy exchange on our organic farm


Tours of our organic farm are available throughout the day with our tour guide. The tour will give you a good insight to our project and provide an introduction to organic farming, including our insect repellents, the importance of plants and trees and how our animals integrate with our green cycle agricultural practice.


We offer a number of workshops of approximately 1 hour each to teach the fundamental elements of organic growing you. Workshops can be booked individually or experience all workshops in our Organic Farm Retreat.

‘A fruit that comes forth is the desire and joy for the labour of a farmer’…. Sunday Adelaja

For more information or make a reservation, please contact

Bamboo Weaving Workshop

Learn the local & traditional art of bamboo weaving

Our ecolodge is located in the village of Don Keo which is famous for bamboo weaving. Our resident bamboo weaver, Mae (mama) Souk was born and raised in the village and has been basket weaving since the age of 10.

In this workshop you will learn how to make a bamboo basket from the preparation and trimming process to the end product. Our most popular request is to make a tea filter which guests can use together with our homegrown organic tea, which you will find with many other homemade products for sale in our boutique.

For more information or make a reservation, please contact

Lao Traditional Costume Rental

Immerse yourself in Lao Culture and wear a traditional outfit for the day. You can take photos around NamKhan Ecolodge or Donkeo Temple to mark the occasion.