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When do you arrive?

Water Sports

Take in the stunning scenery from the seat of a Kayak

Single Trip

Our tuk tuk will bring you and your kayaks to the starting point and after a safety demonstration by our experienced tour guides you will set off down the river taking in exceptional views. Each side of the river, you will see small gardens where locals grow produce and behind the exquisite views as the sun lights up the mountainous lao countryside.

1/2 Day Tour

On this half day tour we will prepare a picnic and take you to the starting point at Baan Pik-Noy, approximately 30 minutes drive. Our tour guides will lead you safely down the river allowing time to absorb the stunning views until you reach the picnic point where you will disembark and enjoy your lunch on the river banks. We will then continue with the tour down the Nam Khan river until you reach the end point at our island river beach.


Tubing is a very popular river activity which started in Vang Vieng. It involves taking a sturdy rubber tube to the starting point and letting the current take you down the river. Here at Namkhan Ecolodge, our river activities staff will guide you down the river until you safely reach our island river beach.

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