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When do you arrive?

Participate in our Workshops and Activities


With a wide range of activities on site that are suitable for all the family, we guarantee you’ll be entertained during your stay and won’t want to leave this green paradise.


Stella December Sessions

Take advantage of all the extra sessions that promote mindfulness, relaxation, and peace led by Estella Llabres at NamKhan Ecolodge this December.

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Yoga & Chi Kung Classes

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, our classes are suitable for all. Classes take place everyday.

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Embark on a wellness journey and fully reconnect with nature at NamKhan Ecolodge. Restore your mental energy and practice mindfulness through meditation with professional guidance.

Gym & Fitness Club

Located right by the Nam Khan River, our outdoor gym offers an invigorating workout where you can enjoy the fresh air and maintain your healthy lifestyle on vacation. Work out while experiencing nature with our new fitness equipment, including free weights, kettlebells, rings, and more.


Allow yourself to experience blissful relaxation and leave feeling refreshed from our therapeutic spa treatments right by the Nam Khan river.

Private Coach

We have private coaches available for all activities to provide the best experience. All activities must be booked in advance.


Bamboo Weaving Workshop

Our ecolodge is located in the village of Don Keo which is famous for bamboo weaving.

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Organic Farm Tour & Workshops

Our Organic Farm Retreats are 4 nights, 5 days in duration and include 3 full mornings of organic farm workshops and a cooking class.

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Lao Traditional Costume Rental

Immerse yourself in Lao Culture and wear a traditional outfit for the day. You can take photos around NamKhan Ecolodge or Donkeo Temple to mark the occasion.

Paint Workshop

We offer painting workshops for your kids to get creative and keep them occupied as you unwind and savour the peaceful scenery.

Adventure & Sport


Take in the stunning scenery from the seat of a Kayak. Experience the excitement and challenge of kayaking through the Nam Khan River with your family and soak in the fresh air.


Tubing is the perfect activity to sit back, relax, and enjoy time for yourself or with your friends and family. Our staff is here to guide you down the rapids as you cruise through the Nam Khan River.

Horse Riding

Pony camps of 3 and 4 nights run throughout the year, mainly during school holidays.

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Discover our stunning trails and natural scenery within our Ecolodge. Surrounded by the lush tropical gardens, biking in Luang Prabang is a refreshing experience.


Explore our idyllic walking trails within our Ecolodge, perfect for a morning jog to start the day. For a gentle stroll in nature or a mountain bike ride, our gardens provide a spectacular experience.


Bring your high spirits and enjoy a game of Kataw, a traditional Lao sport, as part of our outdoor activities. Equipment for all our activities are available at our reception.


We offer beach volleyball on an official sized sand volleyball court by the Nam Khan River. Equipment for all our activities are available at our reception.


Slackline is the perfect rest day activity, great for improving balance, incredibly fun, and suitable for kids and families.

Outdoor Cinema

Saturday night is movie night, our outdoor movie experience takes place in all weathers either on our outdoor platform upon the river .

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Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy a thrilling game of archery, a unique sport with a stunning view of our Ecolodge. Equipment for all our activities are available at our reception.


Cooking Class

A visit to Laos would not be complete without learning how to cook up an Asian cuisine treat.

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BBQ Experience

For this BBQ experience, which includes a starter, main course and dessert, our chef will prepare locally sourced meat with delicious sauces.

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Coffee Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to hand-brew your coffee at home? Then this coffee workshop is perfect for you. Participants will learn different methods of brewing coffee, such as Pour Over Cone Brew, Chemex, and Syphon. Here you can taste and enjoy the unique coffee flavours in Laos. Our workshop will demystify what a barista does and allow you to serve your very own coffee.

Vegan Cooking Class

Experience an exclusive and unique cooking class with our new Vegan Chef. Learn how to harvest your vegetables on our organic farm and cook a traditional Lao dish with authentic flavours.

Street food tour with our jeep

Experience a taste of Laos culture through our authentic Luang Prabang street food tour and enjoy the delicious local and exquisite flavours.