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When do you arrive?

About us


NamKhan Ecolodge has been welcoming guests since October 2019 but operating as an organic farm since 2016 and attracting professionals and volunteers from around the globe to work with a core group of Lao staff bringing individual skills to the development of the ecolodge.

Our vision was to create a sustainable resort, remaining respectful to the environment by using renewable raw materials, these are recyclable materials which help in reducing greenhouse gas emission and pollution. We felt lucky to be in Laos and able to use teak wood and one of the fastest growing renewable biomass materials, bamboo.

In our efforts to protect the environment and remove ‘single use’ plastics, guests are provided with a refillable hot/cold water bottle and a bamboo toothbrush. All bathroom amenities are completely natural and environmentally friendly, a commitment which extends throughout the resort to our housekeeping and laundry.

NamKhan Ecolodge is not just a place to stay but a property where knowledge, sharing and learning is passed on and allows each person to take and learn from our different methods.

In a country where the main activity is Agriculture, we thought about starting the project by building an organic farm, it was very important to promote an organic agriculture, with this concept it allowed us to give jobs and healthy food to our employees and guests. Gradually NamKhan Ecolodge has become a small village as most of our employees stay on site and enjoy a healthy and peaceful life among us. This has expanded with guests from all over the world wishing to stay with us. We decided in 2018 to create ecological accommodations to allow travelers to stay overnight. The idea always being to be as sustainable as possible and to decrease our carbon footprint on the site. We wanted to offer ecological accommodation, so that our guests could get closer to nature. This led us to the concept of glamping with our Explorer tents provided with a Thai Leu Lao Style roof, we also have built accommodation in the form of bungalows ,thanks to our own carpentry workshop, using local materials and keeping a traditional Lao architecture.

Our Goal

The goal was to create a unitary place where we integrate the education, development and experience of each person we welcome.

Our Idea

This idea was inspired by the colonial style of the buildings of Luang Prabang UNESCO World heritage city. The property reflects the serenity of Laos, the kindness of its people and the peacefulness of their lifestyle. It is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and oneself. Luang Prabang is a sacred holy city home to over 34 temples listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you walk early in the morning around our property and neighbor village Donkeo you will have the chance to hear the monk chants their mantras, that invite you to meditation, yoga or Qi kong activities that we offer at the ecolodge. This is how we became what we are today: an eco-logical village surrounded by the Khan River.